Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mumzie's First Post

I'm having a tiny bit of a problem figuring out this whole system, but I'm determined. It was a nice day here in our little town in Northern California. Not too hot, just right for mowing the lawn and pulling a few weeds. My two dogs, Conner and Buddy had a great time playing in the backyard. Conner is a Scottish Terrier and Buddy a Jack Russell Terrier.


Miss Jean said...

A big Blog Land welcome to you!!!!! Love your dogs, especially Conner. Us Scotty people need to stick together.

Good Luck for a successful blog.

judicreations said...

Welcome to blogland! Thank you for sharing your lovely little dogs. Have fun.

Janeen said...

Welcome and congratulations on your very first post! A month from now you'll probably be a veteran at all this blog stuff! By the way, your pumpkin picture is beautiful! Have a great day and it was nice to meet you!

Jackie said...

~ Welcome ~ :-)


DearGina said...

Welcome fellow californian:) I too adore pumpkins, and your header is amazing!

Myra said...

Just thought I would also welcome you to Blogland! Looks like you are well on you way!
Lovely doggies! I also have two! 8-)