Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a New Day - - Let's Walk

End of Walk.....is that our house?

I'm still trying to figure out that I have to put the last pictures first! Help!

Sun's out today, such a nice day for a walk in the neighborhood.
Is that....four dogs walking or two?

It's a race for the gate.

Okay....I think I can do this double harness thing says Buddy. Off through the gate and the race is on. Sorry pictures are out of order because I haven't figured out how to upload correctly.
Hey, I'm working on it.

It's sort of cold out here and Conner has more hair. So many smells to explore.

Buddy needed a little encouragement from Conner to get started today.

Yes, January is here and February is next week. With the Superbowl Sunday, it's time to get serious about our diet and exercise program. So, we started a daily walking routine today! Yea, we've walked this winter, but our walks have been few and far between. Yes and it's on Mums hips and Conner's waistline, so the time is here to get it off. Just fifteen minutes out and fifteen minutes back to start. That's all we ask....just one step at a time.
Besides, I have to break in my new cross training shoes I got on sale at Kohl's last week.
It was beautiful today!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, they are SO cute! I had two Min Pins for years, and it was like walking a sled team. I couldn't believe that two dogs that weighhed all of eight pounds each could pull like that! LOL! Love your two...


Sheila :-)