Friday, January 30, 2009

Wondering Honey Bee - Can You See Him?

Do you See Him?

I was out in the garden and noticed this crazy little neurotic honey bee, dancing from flower to flower around the paper whites in the wine barrels. So, I ran into the house and grabbed my, I'm moving too fast, this is so not like me. I like it!

Do you see him? I think he is so beautiful, but doesn't he know it's January! We usually don't have bees buzzing about until mid late February. We live in town, but are surrounded by local farms which have thousands of acres of fruit trees...almonds, peaches, cherries, etc. The bee farmers bring out the hive boxes sometime in mid February. Anyway, this little lonely bee may be a victim of "Colony Collapse Disorder", which I read about last year. I guess back in 2006 for unknown reasons, honey bee colonies suddenly began to die across the U.S. Bees became disoriented and left their hives. Researchers are still trying to find out the reason.
Honey is wonderful and I love it, especially in my tea. It's great for baking, ice cream, lip balm, etc. I pray they figure out what's causing this disorder and fix it soon. It's probably our cell phones....or may be all the chemicals they spray on the fields. It saddens my heart just like the disappearance of the Salmon from our local rivers....but that's another story.

Anyway, I hope this little guy finds his way home, until then he's welcome to stay awhile.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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