Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Rain

Pleasures newly found are sweet
When they lie about our feet;
February. . . Praise of which I nothing know.

--William Wordsworth

Cold, gray, wet, muddy mornings make the shortest month seem the longest. But lingering afternoons and pink sunsets hold out promise. Like matters of the heard, February is full of surprise, contradiction, and the spell of the sensuous. Cherish your romantic impulses. Succumb to cabin fever. Become your own courtesan. Light your own fire. Have a clandestine affair with contentment. Play with your food, hide under the covers. Indulge in armchair adventures--unusual sleuths, film noir. Try on fantasies. Reconsider red--lips, nails, shoes, walls. Slip on bangles or slip into silk. Trade the treadmill for the tango. Curl your hair, cinch your waist. Chocolate becomes you, so show off your curves. Remember flirting is good for the soul. Make peace with your past. Lose your heart to Life.

---Sarah Ban Breathnach...Romancing the Ordinary

The wind and rain are coming down today like crazy and it's somewhat cold. The redwoods in the backyard are being toss furiously like ferns. The dogs are all curled up in their beds and don't want to go outside for a walk, so we're skipping the walk today.
The Hubs made it to work safely this morning, but not without incident. It seems a large over sized trash can flew onto the roadway and smashed up the headlight and turn signal of our truck. Fortunately, he was in the truck today since our car is in for routine service and repair. If he'd hit the trash can with the car, it would have pretty much taken out the front end. Again, his Angel was watching over him.
My guitar teacher canceled my lesson last night due to an illness in his family. I hope all is well. I'm just going to keep practicing last weeks lesson and doing some reading today. I think a fire in the fireplace, some hot chocolate, and finish reading my new magazine, " Maryjane's Farm". Yes, I'm a farm girl at heart and this magazine is bringing me back to my roots.

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marty39 said...

Sounds like you have the perfect day planned. I love sitting by the fire and reading. Glad the truck wasn't serious damaged. Hope you enjoy your book and play that guitar with gusto. lol Hugs, Marty