Friday, February 27, 2009

For the Hunters of Dreams

The woods were made for the hunters of dreams
The brooks for the fisher of song
To the hunters who hunt for the gunless game
The streams and the woods belong. ---Sam Walter Foss
Meet my new bunny who looks like he's chocolate, but he's not. I found him at The Green Pea Boutique in our small little town. I discovered this lovely boutique last Fall during the downtown "Wine Stroll". Sandi from The Green Pea had the most wonderful chocolate that night! I love her store it is full of wonderful treasures! I found this little bunny the day Miss Jean from In the Garden with Miss Jean and I had coffee together, and Maggie and Conner went to the Day Spa. It was a great day and I will always remember them when I look at my bunny.


marty39 said...

Oh, what a lovely bunny. He does look just like a chocolate bunny. Nice that he isn't then you can enjoy him forevery. Hugs, Marty

The Green Pea said...

The little bunny has found a wonderful home. It looks so sweet in its setting. Thank you for coming in and visiting the Green Pea. Sandi