Monday, February 23, 2009

Hot Tea & Honey

Your possessions express your personality. Few things, including clothes, are more personal than your cherished ornaments. The pioneer women, who crossed a wild continent clutching their treasures to them, knew that a clock, a picture, a pair of candlesticks, meant home, even in the wilderness. ---Good housekeeping, August 1952
I am so looking forward to this Thursday evening because I'm taking a class on "Exploring the World of Teas" with my new friend Jean from In the Garden with Miss Jean. I met Jean through blogging and besides living in the same small town, we are both retired, have Scottie dogs, love antiques, sewing, and lots more...oh yes, we both love TEAS. Her Maggie is just the sweetiest little girl Scottie I've ever known.
I just wanted to say thanks to Jean for her inspiration.
Happy Monday!


marty39 said...

How fabulous that you meet someone in your own town through blogging and have so much in common. That's the greatest. The class about tea sounds wonderful. I love tea. Have fun. Hugs, Marty

Miss Jean said...

I can't wait till class! We should have a great time.