Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gonzo & Meg's Visit

Gonzo and Meg stayed with us all day. They just moved up here with my daughter and her husband from Oceanside. Both love to come to our house and visit and play with Conner and Buddy. Conner was at the Day Spa getting groomed, so he missed most of the fun here at home. Buddy, however had a GREAT time with these two. Four terriers in one house! Wow.

Meet Gonzo....he's a Yorkie and still a pup, but such a sweet little guy. He has such a little button nose.

Meg is a Silky and has really grown up this past year. She runs the house.

Gonzo has this long tonque. He's so friendly.


Great picture of Meg, she thought there was cat in the camera!

Gonzo & Meg

I get to see them all the time....not just the holidays!

Love & Hugs,


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Miss Jean said...

So that is what a Yorkie is supposed to look like? Te He! My mom's Yorkie is three times that big. Same tongue thing going on there. They are just the cutest little things.