Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Sterling Dog

Are you looking at me? No we were looking for you.
We looked high and low for Scottish Terriers during our stay in Scotland.
We found one little guy in a shop walking towards Sterling Castle. Is he not cute? He has that Scotty attitude look just like our Connor boy
when the groomer tries to trim his front paws.
We found him just down the street from Sterling dog.
So cute!
Sterling Dog
This beautiful Siberian Husky caught my eye. Perhaps she is a Malamute, I'm not sure, because she did have brown eyes. I think she looks like a lady. I know Malamutes only have brown eyes, but I think Sibieian's can have blue or brown. Anyway, she looked like a real lady sitting proudly in her window. Her well manicured silver coat and big beautiful eyes were so charming. She seemed so content to just sit in the window and check everyone out as they walked by on their way to the Castle. I named her Sterling.

She has great views out her window.

So pretty.

Such a lady.
She's probably still sitting there in the window today.

Watching everyone walk by.....


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Kathleen Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:>) You went to Scotland?! It's on my list of dream vacations. Love the photos!