Monday, November 2, 2009

Thought for Today

Never allow your sense of self
to become associated with your sense of job. 
 If your job vanishes, your self dosen't.
What advantage does man have in all his
work which he does under the sun? 
A generation goes and a generation comes,
but the earth remains forever.
Ecclesiasties 1:3,4 NASB

Writing in Brown Book Magazine in 1904,
Bessie Anderson Stanley gave this eloquent definition of success:

He has achieved success who has lived well,
laughed often and love much; who has enjoyed
the trust of pure women, the respect of
intelligent men and the love of little children;
who has filled his niche and accomplished his
task; who has left the world better than he found
it. whether by an improved poppy, a perfect
poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked
appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to
express it; who has always looked for the best in
others and given them the best he had; whose
life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction.

I've seen several versions of this writing, but I like this one the best.

I took the above picture at La Bella Rosa Vineyards - Sonora, California



Sue said...

So often, people tend to define success as doing well financially. We need to step back, take stock of how we are living our lives, and see if we are making a difference for others- now and for the future. That, to me, is being successful. Have a fantastic week, Yvonne! I love seeing your pictures.

Joyful said...

Hi Mumzie, thanks for dropping by my blog today and for your encouraging word. It is nice to meet you and I hope you will drop by again real soon. I do like your post today as it reminds us all to think on the most important things in life and not define ourselves by things that don't really matter. God bless.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Great post Mumzie! It is a wionderful reminder to us all what true success is really about.

Thank you for sharing it with us today. I also like the picture!

~ Tracy

Nishant said...

thanks for dropping by my blog today and for your encouraging word. Work from home India