Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frosty Weather in Central Valley - Outdoor Wednesday #48

The flowering Kale plants seem to tolerate frost very well.
Click on the picture to take a closer look....and you will see the white frost!

This is an Extra Large varieity...of the flowering Kale.

Frozen to the Death Valley Rocks in the background. 

Red Maple leaves

The last red rose of the sad.



Frozen water in birdfeeder.  A large Blue Jay was trying to drink ....

 Buddy scared him away!!!

The will completely dye down and return again next year.

The recent frost and cold weather in Central California has taken it's toll on our yard.  
I'll be pruning everything down sometime this week.  I hope you enjoyed these photos of our yard.

A special "Thank You" to Susan @ A Southern Day Dreamer A Southern Day Dreamer who graciously hosts Outdoor Wednesday.  Please visit her blog to see more
Outdoor Wednesday fun!

Have a great Wednesday!


Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

I love flowering kale and must remember to plant some in the Spring.

Yes, the last rose is sad, but the first rose of Spring is such a delight!

Frost rarely reaches us, but it did last year and our tropicals did not like it at all. With all the strange weather patterns, I'm going to pay closer attention this year!

LV said...

I do not know how you can have any plants in that kind of weather. We get cold here, but nothing to compare to what you receive. Stay warm.

Mary said...

It looks like winter has come to your area. The rose looks quite forlorn. I hope you're staying warm and enjoying Outdoor Wednesday - indoors :-).

Libby Murphy said...

Oh the seasons of the year like the seasons of our lives - each has beauty but there is sadness when one ends and then joy when the next one begins.
Happy Twirls

Micki said...

Your flowering kales are just gorgeous!