Monday, December 21, 2009

Pinecone Rosette Garland Project for Front Door

Pinecone Rosette
Tools and Materials:
3-inch Styrofoam ball (I used a 4-inch ball)
Saw (or large knife)
Craft glue
Brown tissue paper
Floral wire
Wire cutters

Evergreen garland or swag
I used Coastal & Sierra Redwood greens
Eucalyptus stems
Tools and Materials

1/2-inch sisal rope
26-gauge floral wire
Floral shears
Floral wire

I could not find 1/2-inch sisal rope in our area (I searched at all local hardware stores, Lowes, & Home Depot) and finally settled on 3/8-in sisal rope)  What's 1/8 of an inch?  It worked just fine.

Here's a picture of Martha Stuart's garland I was trying to replicate:

Notice that these pinecones are long and thin.  Mine are shorter and wider pinecones.  However, next year I know exactly where to find these cones up past Strawberry. 
  Also, I'm not sure how they fit all these pinecones on a small 3 inch Styrofoam ball,
that's why I used the 4-inch.

Here's my finished rosette.

I adjusted greenery, so rope won't show after I took picture.

Finsihed Project.
Work in Progress:

Cutting the greenery and wiring together branches

Making the Rosettes

Martha's instructions for making the Rosettes:
Start by sawing a 3-inch Styrofoam ball in half. (I used 4-inch).  Paint it with craft glue, and smooth on a piece of brown tissue paper, covering the Styrofoam completely. Cut floral wire into pieces about 5 inches long. Wrap the center of one piece of wire around the base of one pinecone; twist the wire to secure, leaving the ends loose. Attach the pinecone to the Styrofoam by poking the wire ends through it and out the flat side; twist the wire and fold flat to secure it. Continue adding pinecones, working from the edge to the top of the dome, until entire dome is covered; leave the flat side bare.

Oh, since I didn't have brown tissue paper I used a brown plastic bag, which was not a good idea.  The glue did'nt dry under the plastic and is still wet.  So, make sure you do use tissue paper!   LOL 

Buddy supervising the attachment of branches to the rope. 

He's so funny.  
I think Connor was sleeping through the whole process.

My pinecone attachment was a little messy, but it worked. 
Attach to Garland

Add a wire loop using the same technique, and hang the pinecone cluster at the corner of an evergreen garland or swag.


Have a great Monday!



Susie Q said...

It looks just beautiful! Not sure how old fumble fingers me would do with it but YOURS looks wondeful!

Sue said...

Oh my word! That is gorgeous. I just tack up plain garland am done with it. But this surely is pretty. I'm with Sue- I would kill my fingers and hands with all that wire! LOL
Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Yvonne. hugs, Sue