Monday, August 23, 2010

Kissing Scotties

Little magnets keep them from getting too far apart. 

Salt and Pepper
Last summer when we visited Scotland, I looked everywhere for little Scottie dog souvenirs, but they were a very rare commodity.  We found three little black beanie Scotties at the airport in for my granddaughter Ashley, one for Miss Jean, and one for myself.  I was expecting to find little Scottie dogs everywhere in Scotland, but it just didn't happen.

Our airport Scottie  - St. Andrew Square - Edinburgh

No Scottie dogs on the Royal Mile.

   Everything dogs!

This last June when we where in Las Vegas
for the Gold Rush Classic Horse Show,
I was surpised to find these little
  lovers at the South Pointe Hotel gift shoppe. 
I've named them Salt & Pepper.
Two sets came home with me. One for me and maybe one for you?



nancy said...

I always like the scottie stuffs. I had clothes that had them on it. Sorry, no photos. Cute kissing dogs. LOL.. Have a good week. Nancy

Ms. Bake-it said...

They are adorable! That is neat how they have the magnet so that they do not get separated.

~ Tracy

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

These are absolutely adorable. I think I would have brought home an extra set too. That's quite a bummer about no Scottie souvenirs in Scotland! Poohey!!


Bearly Sane said...

Well fancy the Scots having no Scottie dogs ... what a disappointment that must have been for you. I would have thought they'd have a few Westies at least! I do think the ones you found are so beautifully cute though (perhaps you can just pretend they came from Scotland lol!).
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane
P.S. Please stop by when you get a chance, I have a great giveaway on offer.

Sue said...

Yvonne, these little dogs are so cute! Love each one's little cap and bow. I enjoyed seeing your pics of the seals. When we were in Monterey, we saw so many of them- such playful creatures. Hope all is well w/you. You're thankful for warmer weather, and I am thrilled for the cooler temperatures! Take care-
~ Sue