Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Irish Christmas Toast

An Irish Christmas Toast

May peace and plenty be the first
to lift the latch on your door,
And happiness be guided
To your home
By the candle of Christmas.

author unknown

(My favorite Christmas Drink)
Irish Coffee...the drink of music and magic...
was conceived by Joe Sheridan at Shannon Airport.
Stanton Delaplane discovered it there and brought it back to San Francisco.
The Buena Vista serves it, just as it's sereved in Shannon,
using a select Irish Whiskey blended from column stilled and pot stilled whiskeys. 
I use Bushmills Whiskey for my Irish Coffee. 

Irish Coffee Recipe
Courtesy of the
The Buena Vista, San Fransciso
Located on Hyde Street (at beach)
1.   Fill glass with very hot water to pre-heat, then empty.

2.  Pour hot coffee into hot glass until it is about three-quarters full.  Drop in two sugar cubes.

3.  Stir until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved.

4.  Add full jigger of Irish Whiskey for proper taste and body.

5.  Top with a collar of lightly whipped whipping cream by pouring gently over a spoon. 

Enjoy it while piping hot.

Last week I picked up four Irish coffee mugs at an estate sale for only $1.00




The Green Pea said...

Yvonne, these last few days would be nice to have a Irish Coffee to keep us warm. Have a Merry Christmas with your family. A health and Happy New Year too. sandi

Micki said...

I have been giving Irish recipes too, including Irish coffee and many favorites. They are so tasty!

Sue said...

I'll be having one of these tomorrow night on Christmas Eve- we'll be with the husband's family. I hope that you'll be sharing this blessed holiday with your loved ones, Yvonne. ~ Sue