Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scottie Shortbread Cookies

 This is my Scottish Terrier cookie mold which I've had for several years.  
I finally decided to bakesome shortbread cookies.
 The mold is very large and took half the cookie recipe. 
I think next time I'm going to make them a little thinner, because they took
forever to make...It made two cookies one at a time!
 He turned out very cute...even looks like Scottie fur!
It's a Connor cookie!!
 So, what's better than chocolate with shortbread? 

Looking forward to a wonderful Valentine Weekend!



The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I have that same cookie mold, but I've never used it!! Looks like fun.

Sue said...

That is one cute cookie mold, but half a cookie recipe?! That's humongous. LOL Of course, I could probably very easily eat it! :-)

Miller Racing Family said...

Now those are to cute. I think the end result was worth all the trouble!