Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Decorations

 Velvet Roses...this one's a little crushed, but it almost looks like a heart!

 I was trimming my roses and found two little rose buds, way up in the trees.  One on the entry table and the other by the kitchen sink....I hope they bloom!



Blondie's Journal said...

How pretty! :-)


Jean said...

Perfect for the day. So sweet.

Sue said...

Oh, to even have flowers outside! Beautiful, Yvonne. What has your weather been like? It's still so cold and wintry here. brrrr....
I have a son in Mariposa- says it's not bad. But I can remember being there one time in Feb/March and we were cold.
~ Sue

Micki said...

What a lovely piece...I love roses.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

So so pretty!

Miller Racing Family said...

Those are such beautiful decorations. My mother has some beautiful roses outside. I am always amazed how they start out so small and then turn into a large blooms.