Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing Around with Photo Shop

 Charlotte & MLM Cara Pintada 
Freestyle Reining Competition - June 25,2011
Gold Rush Classic XI- Las Vegas, NV

I absolutely love MLM Cara Pintada!!!!!   
He's the most gorgeous horse...
and Charlotte one of the best riders!
I took these pics with my telephoto lens from the stands..and because of the
spot light, I had to manually focus. 
Just having fun tying to figure our Photo Elements today.



The Green Pea said...

Hi there, what a beautiful photo of the horse and rider. I am sure you had a fun time in NV. Have a nice rest of the summer. sandi

Marilyn Doud said...

Love what you did with Charlotte and Cara Pintado - that was a great performance, glad we were all there to see it!