Friday, September 16, 2011

What is Flora & Fauna?

RDD Flora Y Fauna

Our beautiful Peruvian Paso mare

I found this information regarding her name.....I think it fits....
Flora and fauna refer to plant and wildlife, respectively. The indigenous plant and wildlife of a geographical region is often referred to as that region’s flora and fauna. Both are collective terms, referring to groups of plant or wildlife specific to a region or a time period. For example, the flora and fauna of a warm region may consist of tropical to warm-temperate vegetation and exotic species of birds.

By definition, flora is a word of Latin origin referring to Flora, the goddess of flowers. Flora can refer to a group of plants, a disquisition of a group of plants, as well as to bacteria. Flora is the root of the word floral, which means pertaining to flowers. Fauna can refer to the animal life or classification of animals of a certain region, time period, or environment. Fauna is also of Latin origin. In Roman Mythology Fauna was the sister of Faunus, a good spirit of the forest and plains.

The flora and fauna of any given region is usually explained in biological terms to include the genus and species of plant and animal life, their preferred growing or breeding habits, and their connection to one another in the environment as well. In addition to geographical groupings, environment also helps further classifications of flora and fauna. For example, aquatic flora and fauna of a region refers to the plant and animal life found in the waters in or surrounding a geographic region.

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 Goddess of flowers and a good spirit 
of the forest and plains. 


Dawn said...

She looks so regal!

Candy said...

What a beauty...
Thanks for coming by to share in some pink love.
Blessings ;-)

SavannahGranny said...

OMG! She is beautiful!

Kelly said...

her original name was "Huerfana" (wher-fa-na) which meant orphan. I didn't like that when I got her & wanted to change it, but wanted to come up with something similar, hence Fauna.