Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New Wisteria Tree

A Wisteria tree is not a “real” tree in the sense that you will find them growing wild in some forest. That's because it's growing in our yard!

Our New Tree

We planted five White Birch trees along the fence between our house and the neighbors yard around eight years ago. Unfortunately, one of the trees died a year or so ago leaving just a tall white trunk. Replacing the tree meant digging out the stump. I've taken out tree stumps before, and it's not an easy task. We took out the "city tree" in the front yard a few years ago, and it was a major undertaking. So, we looked for alternative landscape ideas. First, I thought of some way to hang more baskets, I love my hanging baskets full of colorful flowers. Ivy was our next thought, and then both of us thought....Wisteria! I've always wanted Wisteria in the yard, and here was the perfect spot!
I discovered that a Wisteria tree is not a “real” tree....looks like a tree to me. Anyway, you won't find it growing wild in some forest. They actually are grafted plants – a Chinese Wisteria vine is grafted on top of a standard tree trunk and root system. The standard trunk is as tall as the plant will ever get and the vine part hangs down; however I'm hoping to have the vines wrap around and grow a little taller to reach the top of the white birch trunk. Hopefully, it will take to it's new home and thrive. We found our perfect tree this past weekend. It has incredibly fragrant flowers and I love the color. It's Spring here in California and the ours is blooming! The flowers are spectacular and I can hardly wait to see it grow and grow.
I'm so enjoying it's beauty.
Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


Miss Jean said...

I bet the fragrance is heavenly! Just beautiful!!!

SILVIA said...

hi munzie,thanks for your visit!.are you serious?,those trees are beautiful,love the colors,you are so lucky you get to see that everyday,not me i got dead trees in my
have a great weekend my friend and come back real soo again..

mirrored furniture said...

These trees are really beautiful. the colors are really amazing. how you find those trees.

Mumzie said...

I'm sad to report that the Wisteria did not make the move. We think maybe something eat it's roots. Very sad. Mumzie