Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter is on it way...Next Sunday

Easter Ham
Ceramic Easter Baskets

Cobble Stone Bunnies

Vintage Vases

Sugar Molds

Chocolate Asparagus

Napa Style

I love visiting "Napa Style." Michael Chiarello created NapaStyle back in 2000 and I've been following ever since. I love his website and recipes. He was born in 1962 and raised in the central California community of Turlock, my hometown. I was 12 when he was born, so I don't think I ever ran into him. Anyway, he followed his childhood dream of becoming a world-class chef. He began apprenticing in restaurants at age 14 and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, in 1982. He began his professional career in Miami by opening the acclaimed restaurant, Toby's. Flush with the success of his first restaurant, in 1986 he moved back to his roots in Napa Valley and opened the Tra Vigne (among the vines) Restaurant, where he acted as Executive Chef/partner for it and seven other restaurants.

Cheers to a Hometown Boy!

Check out NapaStyle at


SILVIA said...

hi mumzie,i hope you are having a great sunday...
i love the pics, my fave the eggs in the basket ADORABLE. do you know thats my favorite song also,i stayed here for a while listening to it,thank you! it...have a good my friend!!!..

Sue said...

oooooh.... chocolate asparagus!!! I am so craving chocolate since I gave it up for lent. Your pictures are gorgeous! The ham looks so appetizing. I hope your wisteria tskes off for you. I so loved being in CA last week. The flowers were so colorful and fragrant. Stay in touch.

Sue said...

oh and I forgot to say that Mr. Sullivan loves to watch Michael's show as well. He is one of MY food favorites!