Saturday, May 9, 2009

Butterfly Face

Yesterday I was in the back yard with my camera in hand, looking for a good photo shot. Okay, I only have three rose bushes in my backyard, and I've taken pictures of everything that's bloomed. The Hubs says I need to venture out and find something other than flowers or the Pupsters (Connor & Buddy).

Living in town, my options are limited.

Then, out of nowhere this butterfly landed on my shirt. Oh my gosh! There it was a perfect shot. I could take a picture of this gorgeous creature, but it was just too close for comfort. Have you ever tried to point a camera at yourself and focus? It just didn't workout. Then, after a few seconds, he fluttered away and circled around and landing just below me on the rose bush. And in a few seconds he was off across the yard and up and over the fence.

However, I did get a couple of pictures. Do you see the face?

Buddy as usual is not far away from the action.

What fun!



SILVIA said...

YES! i do see the face!!beautiful picture.thank you for coming by my dear friend, happy mothers day to you as well, i hope you have the best day ever sophia would go crazy for buddy hes soooo cute!..have a good one my friend..xo..


The Green Pea said...

Love the pictures, beautiful face. Keep the pupster pictures coming. Buddy is soooo cute. Have a wonder Mother's Day. Stop in some day, I would like to chat with you. Blessings, Sandi