Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby --- Let's Make Some Mint Juleps

I found this picture on the Internet and thought this looked like the "True Derby Experience!
I love this lady's hat.....she’s checking out the racing stats, drinking a Mint Julep,
and posing, for the photographer. She looks effortlessly chic.

Well done!

Since I won't be attending the "Race for the Roses" today, I think I'll just set back and dream about attending and perhaps owning this fabulous hat. It's a rainy day here in Northern California, and we had planned this morning to go out and see our horse. However, he's probably very wet and not smelling too much like roses after all the rain last night; so I think were going to just stick around the house.

I'm going to do something very simple....I think I should be able to handle that today...I'll go make some simple syrup for my Mint Juleps and perhaps make a pie. I found two fantastic looking recipes and I haven't decided which pie I'm going to make. Joyce at "Flour Power" posted a wonderful looking "Derby Day Pie" and Libby at "Twirl and Taste" posted a very tasty looking "Derby Tipsy Pie."

I should probably get busy.
Dosen't the Derby count as a holiday....from dieting?
Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Joyce said...

I love that hat and wish I looked like that beautiful lady..well a few years younger would help me:) I am so excited about the race which is in a few hours. We lived in Ky for 2 years and visited the Ky horse park which so interesting but never had the opportunity to experience the Derby. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to get a ticket and then I can wear a beautiful hat. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog.

Miss Jean said...

Ok, Mumzie! You make one of the pies and I'll make the other. Then we can walk around every block in town to work them off. They sound so good it would be worth it!