Monday, May 4, 2009

Know that You Deserve Good in Your Life

You're loved as much as every one of god's creations, yet sometimes you feel as though you're less than other people. These opinions are echoes of fear and not true descriptions of yourself. The fact is that God desires only the best for you, just as any loving parent wishes great experiences for their offspring. You deserve good things just as much as any other person is worthy of support, love, and care.

When you receive, you fill the well of blessings that allows you to help others. Your receptivity also fulfills god's wish to give to you. By letting yourself receive, you tune in to the universe's music, which steadily pulsates harmonious gifts for everyone.

You're entirely lovable and guiltless. You haven't done anything wrong, and there's nothing wrong with you. You're an innocent, precious, and much-loved child of God. Give yourself over to good your arms, receive, and say "Thank you."
Daily Guidance from Your Angels --- Doreen Virtue


Sue said...

Wow, how did you know I needed this today?! We all have those days, and last week has had many of them... Thanks for sharing this. :-)Sue

P.S. Were my instructions in the last e-mail understandable?

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Mumzie, this is so lovely. Such kind and healing words.


Miss Jean said...

Thank you for printing this. It is so inspiring and comforting at a time when the world seems so crazy.

Blessings back to you.