Friday, July 17, 2009

Have a great Friday.....

Dost thou love life?
Then do not
squander time, for
that is the stuff life
is made of.
* * *
Remember how short my time is....
Psalm 89:47
Said yesterday to to-morrow:
when I was young like you.
I, too, was fond of boasting
Of all I meant to do.
but while I fell a-dreaming
Along the pleasant way,
Before I scarcely knew it,
I found I was to-day!
And as to-day, so quickly
My little course was run,
I had not time to finish
One-half the thinks begun.
Would I could try it over,
But I can ne'er go back;
A yesterday forever,
I now must be, alack!
And so, my good to-morrow,
If you would make a name
That history shall cherish
Upon its roll of fame,
Be all prepared and ready
Your noblest part to play
In those new fleeting hours
When you shall be to-day.
---The Pacific
* * *
I'm off to finish all those projects, I've started and yet to start!


Sue said...

All those projects... Don't I know it! Why do we let them surmount and then fail to attempt them? I need a fire under my bottom, that's for sure. LOL Good luck on yours! I'll think about mine....
hugs, Sue

French Cupboard said...

Oh, I so understand! =) Hope you have a blessed weekend - projects completed or not. Blessings... Polly

Norm said...
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The Green Pea said...

I am trying to cut back on having to many projects!!! Good luck on yours, Sandi

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Mumzie, this is great. Hope you get what you want to do completed.

Happy Tuesday to you.


Singnals3 said...

I can ne'er go back any condition......

do not back