Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vail Colorado - Outdoor Wednesday #38

This time last year we were taking these pictures in Vail.  We stayed at a timeshare located in town which was our homebase for the many trips to other areas of Colorado.  Vail is breathtaking and one of the most beautiful places I've seen.   Hiking and walking is the best way to get around town.  Our stay ended with the season's first big snow storm, which came into the valley on our last day. 
Fortunately we were able to see the storm from the airplane upon leaving out of Denver.
 I would love to visit during the winter to see the snow,
 but would love to return for the fall colors which were breathtaking.

Portion of the forest cleared of Pine Beetle damage.  The tiny pest with big damage: About the size of a grain of rice, the mountain pine beetle is destroying great swaths of pine trees in Colorado.

Road winding to top of moutain behind the timeshare.

Looking down from the top can see the timeshare in the middle.

A little history.....
The town of Vail was incorporated in 1966, four years after the opening of Vail Ski Resort. The ski area was founded by Pete Seibert and the local rancher Earl Eaton in 1962, between the town of Eagle and Vail Pass. The pass was named after Charles Vail,
the highway engineer that routed U.S. Highway 6 through the valley in 1940.
Seibert, a New England native, served in the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division during World War II, which trained at Camp Hale, just southeast of Vail. He was seriously wounded in Italy and was told he should become a professional skier when he recovered. He was noticed as the best skier in the world for a short time.


Our trip to Colorado was to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary October 3rd, 2008.  We originally planned our trip to Ireland and Scotland for this celebration, but were unable to coordinate a timeshare exchange at that time.  So, we visited Colorado and it was fantastic. 

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
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Miller Racing Family said...

What great photos. I think they get better each week. I can't wait to go back to Colorado in the fall. Thanks for the little bit of history as well. Have a great day!

Kammy said...

Glad you love our Colorado - I live right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and we love it too ! We have had a few snows already this year so, I don't think our colors are as great this year....
Come visit my blog to see my views....
Hugs ~ Kammy

Hootin' Anni said...

I grew up in Colorado, and raised my [now] two grown children there. You just can't beat Colorado's high country in Autumn!

Shirley said...

I absolutely love Colorado. My daughter lives near Denver and I visit her every year. In June we drove through Vail on the way to Glenwood Springs. I'd love to come out in autumn to see the foliage sometime.

Ms. Bake-it said...

What great photos! Love the history. Thank you for sharing it with us.

~ Tracy

Libby Murphy said...

Colorado is beautiful! I love your story and am glad to know a little about the history of Vail.
Happy Twirls

Candy said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys. Wonderful views, enjoyed the aerial scenes. Also enjoyed the lavender shots and the horse show. Fun times.
Happy ODW ;-)

Baba's Special Babies said...

Good morning Mumzie, I posted a comment to you , but it is on my blog after your visit..

Congrats on your new grandson..nothing beats being a grandma and loving on our grands!! Don't buy too many outfits for him or he will outgrow them before they are worn out..I love babies in long gowns ... hugs, Baba

Bonnie said...

Oh what a beautiful place. The colors are amazing. Great photos!!!

Lori Lynn said...

Really enjoyed these photos of Vail, I lived in Aspen in the late 70's.