Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zeus & Connor....."Best Buds Before Buddy"

Connor & Zeus
During my oldest son's deployment to Iraq,
his dog Zeus came to live at our house here in California. During that fifteen month period, Connor and Zeus became very good friends. Both enjoyed many trips to Pinecrest Lake.

Zeus made himself at home in the quest room immediately.

Zeus is a Siberian Husky and such a good looking guy.

Connor and Zeus became "Best Buds."

Perhaps this is one reason Connor grew to be such a large Scottie...he had to keep up with Zeus.

It was hard to say goodbye after that long airplane
ride from Colorado Springs. (Zeus has more air miles than most human travelers)
However, there was work to be done in Iraq.

I choose to remember my son's time in Iraq by this picture,
winning the hearts of the Iraq children.
When he called home from Iraq, he would always say, "Hello, Mumzie."
Connor & Zeus enjoyed many "Popcorn Friday" nights together.

Zeus & Mumzie

The Hubs and I enjoyed walks around Pinecrest Lake with Zeus and Connor

....well maybe halfway around!

When the Oldest returned and took Zeus home to Colorado, Conner became very depressed. His playful nature went sour and he spent his days sleeping. He had lost his best friend. After four months, his disposition had not improved. We knew he needed a friend to replace Zeus. So we looked for a little buddie for him; and that's when we found "Buddy Love", the sparkplug of our lives. Buddy thinks he's a Siberian Husky and can pull all of us around Pinecrest Lake with no problem! Today, Zeus lives in California with my son and his family and he comes to visit.

You can visit some of Zeus' relatives at

It was during this time that I became known as



marty39 said...

What a precious post. It made me smile just looking at the two of them. So glad your son is home safe and God Bless him and you for all your service. Glad you have a new friend to enjoy. Hugs, Marty

Sue said...

What a touching post about your son and his dog. Just perpetuates the fact that animals CAN become attached to another animal and feel a loss when the other leaves, doesn't it? I'm glad you guys still get to see Zeus on visits. Take care. Sue
P.S. Glad to hear how you got your nickname!

Crystal said...

What a precious post. Glad that your son made it home safe. Your dog are just beautiful and I am glad you found a "buddy". I liked how your received you name too.

Have a great weekend!

The Green Pea said...


What a fun post to read. The dogs are so sweet. That must have been had to let the dog go home. Thanks to your son for serving the USA, God Bless him and his family. Now we know where Mumzie comes from. How sweet is that......Sandi

Libby Murphy said...

Oh I love that story and the happy ending. So glad that your son and Zeus are reunited and home safe and sound. And that Conner has a new little buddy who otherwise would be missing out on a lot without a Mumzie in his life.
Happy Twirls

Peter Gutierrez said...

That was a wonderful story about Zeus. I am not ashamed to say I got choked up....I love dogs so much....